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Basic Functions Of Props Commonly Used In Studios
Dec 19, 2018

1. European single chair, double chair - single photo taken in the general studio, double photo, the most basic sitting chair

2. European round table, simple home decoration - theme functional props, the most easy to use props for indoor interiors

3. Window sill shape, Roman column shape, bookshelf - enhanced functional props, often used for various background linings

4. Tablecloths, curtains, simple styling fabrics, etc. - cover functional functional items, often used to cover the wear and unnecessary parts

5. Candlesticks, books, small table decorations, peacock hair, etc. - small props for local or close-up, enhanced aesthetics

6. A variety of single-branched, clustered flowers - enhanced functional props, the most simple and practical props for portraits

7. Middle plate, low plate, chuck, etc. for padding - hide functional items, adjust portrait height, posture

8. Chinese-style guzheng, embroidered frame, calligraphy and painting, teapot, etc. - shooting Chinese traditional photo style

9. Taiwan's native appliances, door frames, brick walls - common props for photographing Taiwan's nostalgic photos

10. Japanese fans, umbrellas, paper windows, doors, etc. - common props for shooting Japanese national costumes

11. Geometric modern woodworking props - common props for taking modern photos

12. Violin, horn, saxophone and other musical instruments - common props for shooting music temperament and style photos

13. Suitcases, old electric fans, old typewriters, etc. - popular props for retro romantic photos

14. Various shapes of hats, headwear, etc. - common styling props when shooting girls' art photos

15. Other personalized items, etc. - used when taking photos of other special projects

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