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The Role Of The Flash
Dec 19, 2018

1. Fill the front of the subject for shooting

Use case: If the character is backlit, the face is darker. To clearly capture the person, you need to use the flash to fill the light to get the brightness of the front of the character and the environment background, the effect is better!

2. Get faster shutter speed and make the picture clearer

Use case: If you are shooting a moving subject in low light, in order to ensure sufficient exposure, a longer exposure time is required, but the moving subject will be blurred, so you need to use the flash to fill the light to increase the shutter. Speed, instantly solidified the clear moving body.

3. Fill the subject with light in the dim light of the room

Sometimes we have to shoot in a dimly lit room, such as a management lecture, or a conference room. Then, in order to capture a clear character expression, you must use a faster shutter speed, so you need to use the flash to fill the light.

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